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The print version, which will be shipping quite shortly, will have an extra 30 pages of Endnotes. However, since most of them are to online sources, it will come with a note telling you where to look up the Endnotes webpage online, where you can just click on the note and go directly to the source document.
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whahahahahaha och arme sorry dat ik lach maar dat heb je met die ontwikkelingslanden cornette:-)))geniet jij nou maar lekker en we wachten wel:-))))gillend van de lach logje uit rol ))xxxklaproos
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Howdy everyone! Been shadowing the clothing here since archaic this year and the substance you all provided helped me finished rooting my spybubble! Lot”s of fun so far but I”m uncovering the author collection I make the much I can do…..this also means there is more I can revolve up too! SO…..I”m sure to be asking for supply but am artless to distribution what constricted scholarly lessons I love with those yet newer to this thane me. Thanks again!!!
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Lucky guy! Back in the early ’50s in Chicago there was an kids afternoon TV show that showed many of the ’30′s movie serials. Who could not lust after Flash Gordon actresses blonde Dale Arden (Jean Rogers) or Princess Aura (not blonde)?
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Edward:) Not to worry this country will stop pegging backwards and we'll have that Delorean to get back to the future.OT but I though Leonard Nimoy's speech abou the Enterprise in NYC was beautiful. It's kind of touching that President Ford changed the name of the shuttle to Enterprise in 1976.Live long and prosper. A police PIO I know used the saying on his answering machine but with special emphasis on the word AND. Live long AND prosper.
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I always adopt from shelters. I can not see the need to perpetuate the puppy mills as most are designed for profit and driven by greed, not necessarily the love of the breed.
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Man I hope you’re right. I freaking LOVED 1000 Corpses. It was done perfectly correct. I think he stepped up his film making game with Rejects, and then somehow lost his fucking mind with Halloween which was a tremendous turd. I hope this is a call to ol’ Zombie and his horror-loving ways.
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You know Jenn, I hated them too until about a year and a half ago. I couldn’t imagine eating green mush. But then my mom diced one up, put some onion powder and garlic salt on it and it was delicious. I’ve been eating them ever since!
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Obviously you are not tired of Pedroza's crapola which is so negative and racist that if a white person would post it he would be arrested for the hate crime.Therefore, I must assume that Ron Paul is like Pedroza. The 99% from citizens?... Huh?FYI Allan there are good and bad individual citizens and the CAI industry consists of individual citizens.Here is positive ending.. ha..ha..ha.....ha.-Stan
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I think you're right there. Let me know how the zebra therapy goes. I'm sure Gerry Ryan will have you on to talk about it. I'd love to try some such wacky notion on with a few publishers some day, see is anyone falls for it.
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