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You see Google purchased YouTube a while back and needed to justify the over inflated purchase price they paid for YouTube. This is an attempt to justify the purchase in hopes to generate the revenue they hoped YouTube would provide for Google. It is hard to imagine with the amount of visitors YouTube receives on a daily bases they could not come up with a more innovative revenue stream than this...
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Mandy,I totally remember the days of homemade school lunches. I used to help in the kitchen in elementary school and our "one" cook made a from scratch lunch for at least 500 students (and that wasn't totally before color TV either!) Did you really say 9 students? Are they in different grades? Back to the bars - YUM! They look delicious and I want to thank you for linking up to Creative Thursday each week. I love seeing what wonderful creation you've made each week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)Michelle
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Wow !!!!I have no words to express my gratitude. Thank you soooooooo muchhhhh !!!!!! Now I have thousands of referrals in my Level 2. I hope all of them upgrade their accounts <img src=";
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That bird design is beautiful - my favourite colours too. I love it when Trevor our postie brings parcels but it's mostly vinyl for Mr P at the moment. Yours looks much more yummy and anything with hamsters inside is a sure winner.
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Outstanding! While only a beginning, this is an excellent start at monitoring and reporting about the activities of seditionist Muslims and their organizations here in America. Dave Reboi and his crew all deserve a maximum of encouragement.
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Hear, hear…Finally a voice of reason, I am not alone. Good post and very important stuff to address. I don’t know about the US, but in some European countries obese people who have lost weight get free plastic surgery. I have seen women butchered from breast cancer and they don’t necessarily get free reconstruction. Just saying. This is a crazy world today: Weakness is norm and victimization has become a power.
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I was talking with my co workers and we are going to make sure we know which states have that tax and make sure our Tourisim $$$ never are seen in those states. The crash Tax WILL HURT TOURISIM FOR THOSE STATES
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hubba hubba!!!!!!!! You are saucy sister!!! And oh wow... your resemblance to Helen is unmistakeable here.A very very vintage look...the photos are just perfect! Carry On Up The Jungle was my favourite!
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they will publish your work if you pay them. Publishers are supposed to pay writers for their work - not the other way around! They will very likely not edit your work properly, and as you’re handing over cash - they’ll be happy to publish whatever they are sent. This doesn’t help you to become a better writer - it’s just a quick way of emptying your wallet.
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Refuso: "Migrazione completata con successo: ora Attivisssimo.net ha..."hai scritto attivisssimo con tre S :DComunque si vede l'upgrade, non riesco a capire se sta scaricando la pagina ex-novo o se sta usando la cache! Bello, molto meglio ora. ;)
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