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Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.
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laz gardin - What a beautiful bride, great place, and an awesome time…we love you and wish you God’s Blessings throughout the years to come.LazApril 5, 2011 – 8:52 am
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Dear Kaye, as you know Sabian was a very important member of our family and your dad and I received so much pleasure from “dog-sitting” on many occasions. Saby was love personified and left a lastimg impression on every life he touched. He was so intelligent, funny, and overall the most perfect dog I have ever known. As long as any of us live whose lives he touched, Saby will live on in our hearts.
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Nom, Grim, Clot, etc:What are your thoughts about the upside and downside of setting up an LLC for the purpose of buying a property, like the ones i described above in the OBX, for the purpose of income-generation. Of course, I would like to retain the ability to use the place a few weeks a year, if only during the period of performing maint and upgrades.
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Oooohhh… thank you for the bathroom post! There is nothing I love more in interior design than an open bedroom with a bathtub. I just imagine how luxurious it would be (and sexy) to step out of the tub right into bed…
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Driver miscalculated the truck's speed. You can see he flashed the truck twice before impact and that he still hit him makes me think he thought he had time and room to go around him. The slow speed in the dark fooled him and he crashed trying to switch lanes at the last second. Truck's fault all around.
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I love daisies! And I loved this book but is was a library book. I would love to have my own copy. Thanks for the chance!I am a GFC follower and 'like' CLC on Facebook.
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My normal wake up time is 4:AM. I don’t have a lot of visitors anyway, but they seldom arrive before the coffee is on. Yes indeed… if someone were pounding on the door before I got up… it better darn well be an emergency. I hate carrying the gun in my pajama bottoms pocket. The leg thing would certainly complicate that badly.
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That sucks.The Mister’s professor is there meeting, greeting, quoting, and helping daily. It’s their first week, though, so that could be why.Hey, how many credits do you need to get your B.S.?
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Noo! I’m making use of my iphone and I cannot appear to become able to open the page correct. I’ll be back to understand this tonight when I get back from school. The topic looks like one thing I have to examine. I’ve bookmarked it and I’ll be back later.
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